Board Member Basics

 If you are new to your community's board of directors and have not served on a condo board before, or are just looking for a refresher on the roles and responsibilities of board members, this seminar is for you! We'll cover board member positions, what fiduciary responsibility means, working with your community manager and more!

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2020 Association Affair - Virtual Addition!

For our 13th annual Association Affair , we went online!  Join our community management team as they bring you tips and tricks for handling virtual board or annual meetings, dealing with Covid-19 and more! Put faces to names as we give you a short overview of our team members and what we do. Hear from business partners in industries vital to condo associations. Then the condo law team from Husch Blackwell tackles all those burning condo law questions!

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Condo Association Budgeting for Board Members

Join Mr. Income (Mike Leach) Mr. Expense (Todd Martinez) and Ms. Balance (Laura Windpassinger) as they guide you through the budgeting process with plenty of tricks that will make this budget season a treat for you and your fellow board members!

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Vantaca Portal How-To for Board Members

In this video, we go over the Vantage online portal for board members and how to use it to view and approve invoices, check on requests and all the things the board member portal has to offer.

Condo Association Insurance & COVID-19 Implications

This seminar covers what types of coverage your community association should carry; how to review insurance proposals and what to look for; and COVID-19  and your community’s liability. With Erica Joyce, Mid-State Insurance; Jeremy Panczenko, Farmer's Insurance; and Mike Leach, CMCA, PCAM & Mark Schultz, CMCA, Prospect Management Company.

NEW! Mastering Your Reserve Study

 Whether your association has had a reserve study for a while, has recently gotten one or is thinking about having one done, join Nik Clark from Superior Reserve as he shows you how to get the most out of a reserve study for condo associations.