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We offer a multitude of services for full management or financial management and can offer consulting and maintenance services as well. Financial management services can include other services on an ala carte basis.

Services offered include:

  • ​Attendance at Board and Annual meetings

  • Develop & implement an administrative calendar of association meetings and events

  • Prepare and submit monthly manager's reports

  • Serve as liaison between the Association/Board of Directors and legal counsel

  • Identify and record violations of Association rules & regulations

  • Assist with the adherence of the Association to the Association's Declaration, Bylaws and State Statute Chapter 703

  • Implement enforcement policies

  • Ensure preparation of bid specifications and requests for proposals

  • Take and negotiate bids for all necessary services

  • Follow up with the performance of service providers

  • Negotiate service contracts to ensure the best price

  • Identify alternative sources of income

  • Identify the exposure of potential loss

  • Respond to and follow up with all owner/resident inquiries

  • Prepare correspondence between Board of Directors and homeowners/residents

  • Develop and implement systems and controls to ensure maintenance needs are documented and completed

  • 24/7 emergency services

  • Cash or accrual accounting capabilities

  • Prepare annual budget and capital reserve budget

  • Prepare monthly financial statements and reports

  • Prepare and send assessment notices and late payment notices

  • Collect and deposit association fees

  • Pursue all delinquencies

  • Communicate delinquency information to legal counsel

  • Pay all bills associated with the property operation in accordance with the budget or contractual obligations

  • Filing of the year end tax reports with accountant (outsourced)

  • Monitor and track reserve funds

  • Prepare packets for sales or transfers of ownership as required by association documents and/or State Statutues

  • Provide necessary forms to financial institutions when homeowners refinance or sell

  • Prepare and provide informational welcome packets for new homeowners

  • Provide online access for homeowners to check account balances, make payments and submit requests

  • Provide payment coupons and envelopes for owners preferring to pay by check

  • Provide online document storage for homeowner and board member access

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